Windshield WASHER DROPS ASPIRATOR Karcher BATTERY WV5 PREMIUM - for windows and Mirrors

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The WV 5 PREMIUM is equipped with a replaceable battery for a clean non-stop small and large windows - without streaks and without dripping.

Windshield WASHER ASPIRAGOCCE BATTERY WV5 PREMIUM - code article 1.633-453.0


Kärcher has revolutionized the world of window cleaning, when he put on the market the innovative aspiragocce WV: this product is compact and light, windows, mirrors and hard surfaces are clean and without streaks.

It is sufficient to spray the surface with detergent, scrub with the special microfiber cloth with the closure of the velcro on the mask of the vial and aspirate with the WV.

Thanks to the replaceable and rechargeable, the WV 5 Premium can be used for long intervals of time, is ergonomic and comfortable to use and the suction is adjustable to get better on the edges.

This model has two inlets of different dimensions in order to be able to clean all types of windows.

This method is very hygienic because the operator does not come into contact with the dirty water that is piped into the tank, easily emptied.



  • Removable battery : removable Battery and the second battery replacement optional accessory: in this way there are no interruptions.
  • Nozzle interchangeable : depending On the surface to be cleaned, you can choose which vent to use: large 32cm or small 17 cm.
  • Also reaches the edges of the windows : The spacer, adjustable, manually with the scroll wheel, allows you to get to the edges without leaving streaks.



  • Working width with intake opening (mm) 280 + 170
  • Tank dirty water (ml) 100
  • Time needed to charge battery (min.) 185
  • Time battery life (min.) 35
  • Yield per load is About 105 m2 = 35 boxes
  • Electrical connection (V/Hz) 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
  • Weight including battery (kg) 0,7
  • Dimensions (l x w x H) (mm) 125 x 280 x 325



  • Battery Li-Ion removable
  • Battery charger
  • Spray bottle Extra and microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Cleaner glass concentrated 1 x 20 ml
  • Nozzle interchangeable



  • For all smooth surfaces
  • Windows
  • Windows wireframe
  • For all smooth surfaces
  • Mirrors
  • Tiles
  • Glass tables
  • Shower cabins


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