High pressure CLEANER Karcher K4 FULL CONTROL - Cold-Water - 130 Bar

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The K 4 Full Control is the best tool to check the power and pressure during the work. The cleaning area is about 30 m2/h.

High pressure WASHER CAR & HOME K 4 FULL CONTROL 130bar - code article 1.324-000.0


The K 4 Full Control is the best tool to check the power and pressure during the work.

To adjust the pressure simply turn the lance Vario Power, in this way, the LED display of the gun in Full Control will see the pressure that is used to have maximum control.

Thanks to this innovation, the user always has on hand the settings and can change them depending on the surface and the dirt that it encounters.

The cleaning area is about 30 m2/h.

The equipment consists of gun high pressure, full control, lancia Vario Power full control, nozzle, eats dirt full control, high-pressure hose, 6m, system, Plug n Clean for the application of the detergent.



  • Lance and gun to have Full Control : Three levels of different pressure and location MIX for the application of the detergent. For each surface at the correct pressure. The pressure adjusts by turning, simply, the lance Vario Power. The LED display on the gun to have Full Control allows you to control the settings.
  • Compartment for accessories on board the machine : The cleaner has a compartment for accessories where you can fit the gun to have Full Control with one of the two spears mounted during the work breaks. The lance and Gun to have Full Control in this way are always at hand and ready to use. All the accessories are stored in an orderly manner and without unnecessary clutter.
  • System Plug 'n' Clean : the System for applying detergent with the pressure washer: quick, convenient and easy. Cleaners Kärcher increase the efficiency and avoid the formation quick the dirt.



  • Pressure (bar/MPa) 20 - Max. 130 / 2 - Max. 13
  • Flow rate (l/h) Max. 420
  • Feeding temperature (°C) Max. 40
  • Connected load (kW) 1,8
  • Yield per area (m2/h) 30
  • Weight without accessories (kg) 11,4
  • Dimensions (l x w x H) (mm) 397 x 305 x 584



  • Gun High Pressure, G 145 Q Full Control
  • Lancia Vario Power
  • Rotating nozzle
  • High-pressure hose, 6 m
  • Attacks Quick Connect
  • Application cleaner through the System Plug 'n' Clean
  • Handle telescopic
  • Water-cooled engine
  • Network
  • Filter water the end of the integrated
  • Coupling garden hose 3/4"


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Tipo Alimentazione
Cavo 220V
Potenza Allacciata KW
1.8 KW
Max Portata litri/ora
420 l/h
Max Pressione bar
130 bar/Mpa
Resa per Area mq
30 mq/h
Lunghezza Tubo Mt
6 mt
Caratteristiche Aggiuntive
Pompa in Plastica, Raffreddamento Motore Acqua, Applicazione Detergente
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