The CLEANER PROFESSIONAL Karcher HDS10/20 4M - Hot Water - three Phase - 200 Bar

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The new hot water high pressure cleaners middle class and super non-clean only so effective, but they are also very sturdy. The stadium ECHO in this form is only KÄRCHER. If the machine operates in this mode automatically works in the area of thermal more affordable. This allows you to save costs and respect the environment.

TD GROUP is a KÄRCHER CENTER, certificate for the sale of all the product lines "Home & Garden" and "Professional" as well as the Service Centre Official of the historic German brand. TD GROUP: 20 years of experience and professionalism at your service.



The hot water high pressure cleaners in the new middle class and the super show 6 main features. 1.Respect for the environment and Greater efficiency thanks to the new stadium and the Eco-switch for adjustment assistance to the hardness of the water, fan turbo, precise dosing of the detergent, the burner is optimized and a high efficiency pump. 2. Ease of use ease of use is guaranteed by the panel of centralized command with intuitive controls, support for secure storage of the lance, LED indicators, etc... 3. Made cleaning high performance cleaning is ensured by the technology nozzles patented, ceramic pistons, blower turbo, and pump efficiency increased. Accessories optimized are perfectly in tune with the needs of the customer. 4. Mobility The principle of mobility with wheels, big tires, bow thrust ergonomic, and can be lifted with forklift, eyelets for the strapping and pallet tilt stand, allow a transport without problems. 5. Operating safety operating Safety ensured by control systems, chassis, sturdy and resistant to corrosion, care system Adaption, axial pump, three pistons with ceramic piston and liner fireplace heat resistant. 6. Easy maintenance Easy accessibility to all major components for maintenance and switch support with the help of which you can easily call up the operating data to do the diagnosidi any faults.




With the eco mode!efficiency the machine works at 60 °C – keeping to the higher flow rate cycles of the boiler are optimized to reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared to when the machine is working at full capacity.


Technology burner very efficient, tested and approved electric motor with four poles with axial pump three-piston Engine, air-cooled, highly efficient, and durable.

Operational security

The water filter protects the pump from impurities in The integrated room thermostat to the exhaust gas control turns off the engine when the temperature of the emission exceeds 300°C. The system SDS compensates for vibrations and pressure spikes created by the high system pressure.



Electrical connection (Ph/V/Hz) 3 / 400 / 50

Flow rate (l/h) 500 - 1000

Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 30 - 200 / 3 - 20

Temperature Max. (feed 12°C) (°C) 80 - 155

Connected load (kW) 7,8

Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) 6,4

The electric cable (m) 5

Tank container (l) 25

Weight (kg) 168

Dimensions (l x w x H) (mm) 1330 x 750 x 1060



Gun, EASY!Force Advanced

Tube AP, 10 m

Lance, 1050 mm

Nozzle Power

ANTI!Twist (anti kinking)

Tanks rifornibili from the outside: cleaner, pro

Controls with indicator lights

Pressure switch

Plug, reverse polarity ( three-phase )

Electronic with LED indicators

2 tanks of detergent

Dry-running protection



Vehicle washing

Washing tools and equipment


External areas

Service stations

Cleaning of facades

Swimming pools

Gyms and sports centers

Production industries

Production systems

Tipo Alimentazione
Cavo 380V
Potenza Allacciata KW
7.8 KW
Max Pressione bar
200 bar/Mpa
Lunghezza Tubo Mt
10 mt
Lunghezza Cavo
5 Mt
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Acqua Calda
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