The CLEANER PROFESSIONAL Karcher HDS5/11 U - Hot Water - single-Phase - 110 Bar

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The base model of the pressure washer, hot from the competitive price. The innovative and unique Design "Upright" or vertical and ensures mobility and ergonomics.

High pressure WASHER PROFESSIONAL HOT WATER HDS 5/11 U - code article 1.064-900.0


The main advantage of the class "Upright" hot water high pressure cleaners is that you can put in horizontal when it should be transported.

Read and compact size, the cleaners in this range come in perfectly in the cargo area of a pickup truck or a stationwagon.

The space occupied by these pressure washers is a minimum within a means of transport, both when they are stored at the end of work.

The bow thrust ergonomic and large wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability even on rough surfaces .

The axial pump, three pistons assemble the pistons in hardened stainless steel and a cylinder head cylinder-brass.

The pressure switch connected to it automatically turns off the machine when the gun is released (STOP TOTALE), then, thanks to this mechanism, wear parts last longer because they are less subject to stress.

The high-pressure pump, the fan of the burner and the heating pump fuel are driven by an electric motor and are connected together to create a single drive module.

This principle not only ensures compactness and minimum space but also makes it efficient and very reliable the product.

The proven burner technology Kärcher is characterized by excellent performance in small spaces, and the respect of the limit of emissions of harmful gases.

Pressure washer, single phase motor, two pole, air-cooled.

Axial pump, three pistons, with pistons in hardened stainless steel.

Low pressure detergent intake.

Model very easy to use thanks to the control dial 3-position, mounted on the crankcase front.

Port tube and a compartment for accessories on the machine.

The innovations of the accessories in half the short assembly and disassembly times: while the gun is EASY!The Force takes advantage of the backlash given from the high pressure to reduce to zero the tension force, the quick connect fittings EASY!Lock five times quicker than conventional screw fittings, are robust and durable.

The machine is suitable to work daily in difficult conditions.



  • Vertical Design : Transportable, even on rough surfaces Large wheels
  • Fine filter water : Protects the pump from impurities. Removable easily
  • Compact : Compact and save space when it is placed at the end of the working Pump, the anti loss and fuel tank designed to work also in the horizontal Transportable on small vehicles



  • Electrical connection (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 230 / 50
  • Flow rate (l/h) 450
  • Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 110 / 11
  • Temperature Max. (feed 12°C) (°C) Max. 80
  • Connected load (kW) 2,2
  • Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) 2,4
  • Tank container (l) 6,5
  • Weight (kg) 65,4
  • Dimensions (l x w x H) (mm) 618 x 618 x 994



  • Gun, EASY!Force Advanced
  • High-pressure hose, 10 m
  • Spear, 840 mm
  • Pressure switch


TD GROUP is a KÄRCHER CENTER, certificate for the sale of all the product lines "Home & Garden" and "Professional" as well as the Service Centre Official of the historic German brand.

TD GROUP: 20 years of experience and professionalism at your service.

Tipo Alimentazione
Cavo 220V
Potenza Allacciata KW
2.2 KW
Max Portata litri/ora
450 l/h
Max Pressione bar
110 bar/Mpa
Lunghezza Tubo Mt
10 mt
Lunghezza Cavo
5 Mt
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