Control unit for Irrigation Karcher SENSORTIMER TM ST6 DUO eco!ogic

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SensorTimer TM ST6 DUO eco!ogic Controller with moisture sensor for irrigation

SENSORTIMER TM ST6 DUO eco!ogic - code article 2.645-214.0


  • SensorTimer TM ST6 DUO eco!ogic Controller with sensor umodità for irrigation: start the irrigation depending on the moisture level of the soil.
  • The irrigation starts when soil moisture drops below a certain level.
  • The moisture level of the soil can be set in 5 levels for the two periods (morning and evening).
  • It has a button that turns off the irrigation for 24 hours.
  • Eco mode!ogic watering you can delay from 1 to 7 days.
  • With outlet tap and pre-filter. 9 Volt battery NOT INCLUDED.
  • The equipment includes: 2 water plugs, 2 radio transmitters for the level of humidity in the soil.



  • Control the humidity of the soil : Comes directly to the plant, to be efficient even on the water.
  • The two outputs are water independent Control microclimate
  • Display removable : Programming made easier
  • On/Off Automatically : Therrigazione precision
  • Individual settings of the frequency of irrigation : Comes to the plant
  • Button to delay the irrigation 24 hours : irrigation can be delayed up to 24 hours
  • Manual watering can : Interruption of irrigation



  • Threaded connection G3/4 + G1
  • Pressure max. (bar) 10
  • Weight (kg) 1
  • Dimensions (l x w x H) (mm) 119 x 234 x 148



  • Water outlet programmable, 2-Piece
  • Humidity sensor, 2 Piece
  • It works on batteries
  • Batteries included as standard, no



  • Clamp repairing
  • Protection filter
  • Taproot for the main pipe - KRS®
  • Dripper adjustable flow
  • Complete Kit Rainbox
  • Kit watering pots - KRS up to 15 vessels
  • Fitting "The"
  • T fitting with flow regulator
  • Pressure reducer with filter
  • Set of fittings pipe
  • Set, capillary tube, porous
  • Set nozzles microspray
  • Cap the end of the line
  • The Main pipe - KRS®
  • Capillary tube 10 m
  • The capillary tube 25 m
  • Nozzles microspray



  • Irrigation of the garden
  • Meadows, aiule, gardens, hedges
  • Control of two different microclimates


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